IPAN Vision Statement by the President

Today’s social entrepreneurship boom throughout the globe, especially in developing countries has not led to a situation where passionate, socially sensitive citizens have taken the charge of speaking up for those who are suppressed and need a better part of the resources. But this boom has been created as a means of either publicity or clandestine illegitimate activity. In no sense do I intend to demean the cause itself and those who have really ventured out to contribute towards a better society. I am specifically concerned by this new age of social entrepreneurship where ‘competition’ has replaced ‘collaboration’ amongst various organisations working in the social sector.

IPAN takes this as the first lesson and caution for all the times to come. Having travelled ahead of 23rd October, 2012 when we had formally presented ourselves to the outside world after months of informal activity and rigorous deliberations; we at IPAN must tell ourselves that social backwardness, human rights’ violations and impropriety in policy making are the only competitors we have to fight against. We have not ventured out to rise above other organisations in terms of funding and popularity but we have to rise above ourselves to awaken the public conscience (especially youth) through our advocacy and activism.

The twenty third day of October, which is the birth anniversary of our mentor Late Prof. Dr. S R S Bedi shall be our Foundation Day in order to inspire us to follow the path envisioned by him. His passion and respect for Human Dignity should be the guiding soul of IPAN and its activities.

Our vision is to spearhead public policy analysis and become a world-leading think tank with an influence over policy makers and government establishments globally. We look forward to present unique and innovative policy recommendations for issues ranging from environment protection, human rights, global security, peace and conflict to economic policy, public infrastructure, employment generation, rural development and youth empowerment. Our unique youth-led working model of “Advocacy followed by Activism” and “Protest by Participation” shall guide our activities and campaigns to create a much better informed public opinion, especially amongst youth. This youth centric approach sets IPAN apart from others in the league. We take pride in the fact that IPAN is Asia’s first youth-led public policy think tank.

Kshitij Bansal
International Policy Analysis Network(IPAN)