Kamleshan Pillay

My name is Kamleshan Pillay and I am a student at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa. By profession, I am an environmental scientist with special interests in renewable energy, environmental governance, policy, law and mathematical applications in policy. I will be pursuing a 2nd MPhil specializing in Political Ecology at the University of Cambridge and will be pursuing my PhD thereafter in Environmental Governance. I am currently part of several research groups internationally and nationally dealing with my research interests in mathematical modelling, modelling in policy and international environmental relations. My research team is in the process of outputting 12 publications to national and international scientific journals. Currently, I co-own two companies currently that deal with environmental consulting and green consulting dealing with sustainable management and coastal zone management. There are several independent conservation projects that I manage – Rooibos sustainable management in the cape and leopard conservation in eNambiti. I have attended several conferences including the Erasmus Mundus Residential Climate Change Conference in Botswana, the G8 and G20 youth conference in Washington D.C. representing South Africa and the Society of South African Geographers conference in South Africa where my master’s project won the best physical geography award. Recently, I have been invited to join the Green Capacity (which handles communications for UNFCCC for South Africa), AYICC (African Youth Initiative for Climate Change) and SENAD (Sustainable Environmental Network for African Development). On completion of my degree, I hope to join the UNEP programme and hopefully continue with a career in research and environmental governance at UNEP.