An Obituary and A Tribute

As we move ahead in the successful journey of International Policy Analysis Network as the world’s premier youth-led think tank, we dedicate this social entrepreneurship initiative to a personality who has been the mentor and inspiration behind this idea. Prof. Dr. S R S Bedi, former Head of Archives Division at The International Court of Justice, The Hague and one of the propounders of Human Dignity as a School of Law was the moral force behind Team IPAN to take up this initiative of public policy research specifically by youth with human dignity as the soul of any such analysis.

Dr. Bedi, who was one of the most respected international law scholars throughout the world, left us for the heavenly abode due to a sudden cardiac arrest. This initiative is a dedication and a tribute to this eminent jurist and humanist who lived by example for the respect of human dignity.

Dr. Bedi whose life itself is an inspiration was an extremely popular and respected teacher wherever he taught. Born in a village called Posi of Hoshiarpur District in the north-Indian province of Punjab, he struggled through economic and social barriers in his young years and finally began his international career with The Indian Embassy at The Hague and then the Japanese Embassy as Communications Officer. His ever polite, kind and heart winning tone and tenor was unmatched. He found his mentor in Justice Nagendra Singh who went on to become the President of International Court of Justice. Dr. Bedi also joined ICJ and retired as the Head of Archives Division. After coming back to India in 2009, he briefly served at Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar before joining Rajiv Gandhi National University Law, Punjab with his saintly persona and humanistic intellect.

A very close associate of scholars like Manfred Lachs, Philips Jessup, Nagendra Singh and Judge Tanaka, Dr. Bedi was a world renowned academician in the field of International Human Rights Law. He was a visiting faculty to many top international institutions. A very well read and widely travelled scholar; he was a beautiful soul apart from being a highly successful professional.

It was his sheer determination to serve the society that he left an affluent life in Europe to join Indian academia. He sincerely wanted to spread his vast knowledge and intellect amongst students because he was of this strong belief that only the youth of India can make or break this country during these cross-roads of a demographic and democratic transition. His sudden demise was an irreparable loss. He was an institution in himself. IPAN is a step towards fulfilling his aspirations for youth and the future of humanity.

The teachings of Prof. Dr. S R S Bedi shall guide us all through our way towards establishing IPAN as a leading global think tank which takes the lead in advocating for human dignity through radical and innovative policy recommendations.

May his soul rest in peace.

International Policy Analysis Network(IPAN)