IPAN-CASIHR Annual Policy Review Project

IPAN-CASIHR Annual Policy Review Project is an annual research collaboration between IPAN and the Centre for Advanced Studies in Human Rights (CASIHR) of Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab, India. This project, started in the year 2015, is funded by Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law and involves its students in association with the researchers of IPAN.

The project runs for one full year beginning with the selection of the research team and preparation of the discussion paper on an identified policy theme. It is concluded with the publication (both in print and on-line) of a report comprising papers selected through a blind peer review. These papers are received from students, academicians and Ph.D. scholars in response to a call for submissions. The papers are selected and published on the basis of having diversity of opinion, innovation in recommendations and practical applicability of research.

The call for papers for the inaugural edition of this project will be available on our website by the end of 2015.