IPAN Dialectics

This is a public forum where any individual can participate in the on-going debates on national and international affairs. Our endeavour is to initiate public debates and create a better informed opinion.

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  1. With the humanitarian tragedy gripping the middle east, Africa engulfed in ever continuing civil wars and droughts, West dealing with economic downturn; do you think the world today is a better place to live as compared to what it was around twenty years ago?

  2. Do you feel you are not free anymore in India? Do you think you can decide what to wear, believe in, profess, worship, read, eat and talk? Tell us how free you think you are.

  3. What is the one biggest achievement and the one biggest failure of the Modi government during its first year in office?

  4. Should there be an international military action by sending in ground forces against ISIS in Iraq and Syria?

  5. Should Narendra Modi be elected as India’s next Prime Minister?

  6. Should South Asia integrate on the patterns of EU?

  7. Should international community intervene in Syria?

  8. Why do you think the ancient centres of world’s mightiest civilisations: Syria and Iraq are the centres of violence and tragedy today?

  9. Is the world heading to another downturn with developing economies now losing strength?