About IPAN

The Two Fold Mission

The mission of IPAN is two fold: ‘Advocacy’ followed by ‘Activism’.

With research as the core of its advocacy activities, IPAN brings together leading individuals and organisations who share deep interest in advancing public welfare through independent thinking and debate. Our members come from a diverse range of backgrounds and professions. We undertake detailed, in-depth analysis of specific issues of contemporary relevance. It is our mission to act as an influential pressure group and a think-tank through these research outcomes. Following are the focus areas for our research:

  1. India, Public Policy and its People
  2. International Relations and Global Governance
  3. Human Rights Advocacy
  4. Economic Policy Analysis
  5. Environment Protection and Law
  6. Youth Renaissance and Activism

The uniqueness of IPAN is its youth-oriented activism as the second fold of the mission. Our ‘Research, Advocate and Act’ approach focuses upon result oriented activism once our research outcomes are released. We believe in undertaking grass-root activism in order to effectuate research outcomes. We undertake this by following means:

  • Sensitising youth by organising campus programs at schools and colleges.
  • Organising unique and specific online courses.
  • Establishing IPAN Campus Chapters and IPAN Self Help Groups.
  • Engaging government authorities through networking and other means of advocacy.
  • Utilising all available legitimate tools of bringing in accountability like Public Interest Litigation, Right to Information Act and free legal aid.
  • Initiating grass-root charity projects to serve the underprivileged of society and uphold the cause of human rights.